S.V.B Radiocom / Hunting radio DICO 155Mhz


For you who demand a little bit extra of your radio, the DICO offers a completely unique function. With a simple push of a button the DICO scans and finds your hunting teams own frequency and TPL. In addition the voice announcements help you find the right cahnnel and setting.

The DICO is a small, lightweight radio built with modern technology, based on professional industrial devices for the highest quality and reliability. With features such as Whisper mode and VOX the DICO is very suitable for any hunter. Whisper mode enables very low-key conversation so that you don't scare away wildlife while VOX opens up for easy communication when both hands are needed on the rifle.With its IP65 rating, the radio can withstand tough conditions in the outdoor environment and thanks to its Li-Ion battery, the DICO has a long battery life.

The DICO is programmed with the 7 hunting frequencies , both with and without subtone. The 7 license-free hunting frequencies on the 155MHz band are preselected in channel slots 1-7. At channel 8-14, the same channels are found but with TPL 67.0Hz activated. In channel location 16, the radio is programmed with automatic channel serach.

The box includes the following: Hunting radio 155MHz DICO, single-slot charger with 220V adapter and an D-shape earpice.


  • Analog
  • IP65
  • Automatic channel search
  • VHF
  • 1700mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 113 x 54,5 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 355 g


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